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E. Cherkova, The Use of Psychotronic Weapons Against the Russian Population:
What everyone should know, Moscow, 1999, in Cheryl Welsh, Mind Justice – Cherkova Book,, < >.

Quote: < … >  Transmission and recording in the brain of external information.

Speech, sounds (effects of “radio-sound”) -perception of modulation of speech, SVCh or UZ [narrow-wave] oscillations directly to the brain and not by way of the tympanic membrane


colors […]

Manipulation with the memory.



Recording of information needed by the experimentor

training -“prompting” (after erasure)


reproduction of picture a from a prior testing as though bifurcated [?]

a shifting of the effective frequency up to 100 Hz. or a lowering to 5 Hz., with memory loss

Control of Stimulation in the brain.

by states of consciousness (up to the loss of these)

in sleep


intellectual capabilities




muscle tone

stimulation of one and the same zone with stimulations of:

30 -40 mV- activization of attention, memory, movement;

60-70 mV- “emotiono-genic” effects

< … >

Psycho-physical damage depending on intensity and duration of effects. Damage in the physical sphere (up to programmed premature death).

Stage I.

changes in the blood (early signs)

overheating substances especially and increase in crystallization, leading to cataracts (early sign)

ill reactions along the path of the bio-energetic potential from the effects [… ]

prickly sensations, tremors to the muscles of the feet

aggravation of chronic illnesses

internal bleeding (nose, stomach, gynecological)

auditory tones of various frequencies

sharp pain in the internal ear

dull pains in the area behind the ears

internal trembling, vibrations

head pain in the temple and a warmness in that area, pain in the eye-sockets

likelihood of miscarriage, an increase of 80% for chances of premature births, anomalous

development of the fetus, often with defective brains

Stage II.

“radio-sound” effect (before this is long-conducted the resonance-loosening of spinal and brain fluids at the frequency of 2-10 Hz. for maintaining the fluids of theskull and brain in stimulation

steady reactions to all aspects of coding

lowering of energy (observed with irradiation at the frequency carrying frequencies of ~780 Hz.and amplitude modulation ~71 Hz.)

aggravation of dermatosis

eye pains (cataracts, asymmetry in lenses of the eyes, puffiness [?] of the retinas )

aggravation of the course of chronic illnesses

destruction of the functions of the kidneys, liver, organs of digestion, circulatory system, bleeding in gingivae, gums, peridontal and others


“sand” in the eyes, burning sensation, loss of hair, brittleness of nails

compression pain in the heart fits of coughing

changes of the color of the face (bronze shading of the skin)

asymmetrical puffiness of the face

disfiguration of the face, the intentional emaciation of separate muscles, cartilage

syndromes of destruction to the external nerves of the thighs


Stage III.

destruction of the brain, irreversible changes to the structure of the brain (academician V.P. Vekhtereva)

irreversible processes in the muscle material, in the bones of the skull, and in the structures of neurons “..minimalization of life” –external reaction to EMP appears as an illness, up to heavy, sharp, chronic, organic pathological processes (academician V.P. Kaznacheev)

“..the entire speeding up of the aging process, sclerosis, oncogenesis (academician V.P. Kaznacheev)

destruction of bio-chemical processes in the cells with distrophic changes in the organs (academician V.P. Kaznacheev)

destruction of the cell membranes, chemical connections in the cells -leading to leukemia, cancer of the brain and prostate gland, breast cancer, (even with weak EMP, but of long duration “…the genetic apparatus is altered…” (academician V.P. Kaznacheev)

the reflex activities are destroyed

the functioning of the hormonal system is destroyed

[….] Parkinson’s disease (trembling of the hands) and Alzheimer’s disease (from changes in the production of the hormone melanin ([…] gland) that causes degenerative changes in substances at the molecular level disfunctions of the sino-atrial node of the heart (even with a low frequency)

infarction, cerebral thrombosis, osteo-[*** ], peridontal, sugar diabetes


epilepsy (especially caused by the multiple-rapid stimulation by a weak, low frequency waves)

hypertension, hypotension

programmed or instantaneous (with the subjection to extreme effects -up to the border of deadly conditions) premature death –it is well known by the experimentors that cases of death do occur (academician V.P. Kaznacheev)

a decrease and dying off of the population, humanity, mankind

Damage in the mental sphere (up to the point of insanity).

Stage I.

manifestations of depression

lowering in the interest in perceived information

shortness of temper (irritability)

Stage II.

steady depression

lowering of abilities for analytical thinking, some worsening of the memory

symptoms of chronic fatigue

superficial nature of sleep

higher incidents of conflicts

Stage III.

confusion in the accounting of events in real life

loss of ability for analytical thinking

lowering and a loss of memory

feelings of the lack of sleep

indifference to personal external appearance […]

lowering of self-control from the deficit of the hormone seratonin due to SVCh irradiation

suicide (as the experimentors “practice” provocation techniques)

“…invisible weak fields …their ignoring that they are carrying with them a deadly danger”… “…people simply start going crazy and nobody understands why…” (academician V.P. Kaznacheev)

< … >

Read full article:

The Use of Psychotronic Weapons.What everyone should know,,

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questministries…, Psychotronic Weapons “The Mind Has No Firewall”,, September 15, 2009, < >.

Quote: < … > With the creation of such types of weapons the military has been receiving the ideal weapon of mass enslavement and destruction, and the Secret Services an ideal zombie agent capable, without portable radio sets and guns, of obtaining and conveying secret information.

< … >

Their invisible components can kill at a distance, imitating or causing any chronic illness, they can make a person a criminal or irresponsible, create aviation, railroad or automobile accidents in a matter of seconds, destroy fundamental structures, destroy, create or provoke any climatic cataclysm, control the most complex instrument or mechanism, control the behavior of people and any biological object and change the world-view of the population. < … >

The second type put out of a order only living powers, permitting the destruction of the psyches of the enemy, the coordination of body movement, muscular tone, the change in the functioning of various systems of the body, among them the cardio-vascular system and visual apparatus.

< … >

With over-doses of the given effects are caused trauma to organs that are not treatable, mental damage that is non-treatable, and an increase in the number of invalids. To the third type are related psychotronic weapons. < … >

More than 20 years ago, starting with the first secret research in the area of the creation of non-lethal weapons, the government and the Secret Services foresaw with concern that in the case of even the minimal declassification, information about similar types of research carried distortions or a veiled nature that did not cause the international society to prick up its ears in concern. At the present time, such a time has arrived. And military scientists connected to its development, complying with secret directives, attempt to present its type almost as a blessing for mankind, fondly call their eccentric weapons nonlethal, bloodless weapons -or a humanitarian bomb. With this they are attempting to pass themselves off as upright, infallible citizens, pretending to be generally respectable and accountable. This untruthful information -and cynicism to the highest degree – is easily fed through several of means of mass information, in many cases achieving the aim of taking hold in the minds of uninformed citizens, and serves as a preventive defense for the criminals who are employing these types of weapons against the population on a mass scale. < … >

” In connection with the classification of weapons of psycho-technology and the confusion about the terminology, all types and sorts of weapons capable of distantly controlling the psycho-physical activities of a person, which can change his surrounding environment when applied jointly, are called psychotronic weapons.” Destructive factors of psychotronic weapons are: torsion generators, SVCh-generators, lasers, acoustic and microwave apparatuses used as powerful energy sources for stationary and portable psychotronic stations located on Earth and taken into outer space, as well as in the surrounding environment, < … >

Secret methods of influencing are the basis for controlling a large mass of the population. With the open method of influencing, the person-victim knows and understands that his brain and organisms are being subjected to psychotronic influencing. To such a person is artificially attached and grafted special systems of arrangement, being capable of extracting from his brain and introducing into him information at the speed of his psycho-programming, and in several cases also capable of reprogramming in full or partially rebuilding his personality and his bio-robotization. The person-victim intended for this type of goal very often cannot distinguish his own thoughts from those artificially introduced. < … >

But psychotronic weapons have long ago emerged from the testing stages. They were transformed into monstrous weapons of mass repression, destruction, and elimination. < … >

Results of scientific research in the area of the study of influences of electro-magnetic fields and acoustic waves on the psycho-somatics of a person completely coincide with the sensations of victims of psychotronic weapons. In both cases there is present: tightness and sharp head pains, dizziness, pressure on the eardrums, oscillations (vibrations) of the walls of the peritoneum and rib-cage and of individual groups of muscles; dryness of the mouth, pain in teeth and gums, difficulty swallowing; dampness in the hands, muscle pains and aching bones; tremors of the extremities, painful sensations in the sex organs and anus, arousal of sex organs, depression of sex organs; arrhythmia, an increase or decrease in arterial blood pressure; a decrease in visual acuity; coughing; an increase or decrease of the body temperature; coma; itching; bursting of tissue; modulation of speech; occurrences of fears, anxiety, etc. < … >

According to this list, the most widespread are: malignant new growths, damage to the cardio-vascular system, coagulation or disintegration of the blood, illnesses of the brain, a functional change or a destruction -up to the point of being lethal -in the peripheral and central nervous systems, eye illnesses, illnesses involving the sex organs, a deterioration of movement-support apparatus, a breakdown of the rib-cage, damage or rupture of organs, muscle atrophy, a destruction of the endocrine system, damage to the skin, [***troficheskie] damage — hair loss, brittleness of the nails, etc. Information for consideration Practically all technologies for psycho-programming of people foresee compulsory harsh treatment of the psycho-energetic centers man, included among these: the heart, organs of [inclination*] in the peritoneal area, sex organs, prostate gland, the womb and its appendages, the spine, the cerebellum, the left and right hemispheres of the brain, the frontal lobe, visual and other sense organs and the vocal cords.

< … >

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Quote: < … > MindGuard is a program for Amiga and Linux computers that protects your mind by actively jamming and/or scrambling psychotronic mind-control signals and removing harmful engrammic pollutants from your brain. It also has the ability to scan for and decipher into English specific signals so you can see exactly Who wants to control you and what They are trying to make you think. < … >

*NB! : ↓

*NB! : ↑

Quote: < … > Positron Emission Tomography images clearly show how MindGuard can block foreign, psychotronic brain influences, returning your mind to a state of restful focus. < … >

Read full article:

*Nota Bene! Destruction of the Brain with Psychotronic Mind-Control Signals.

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Watch this video:

helenkurdin, Against use of Psychotronic (Mind Control) Weapons. Lawsuits against psychiatrists. Part 2/4,, 18 december 2009,

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1, 2, 3, 4, …, n-1, n, n+1, …, ∞*


in David Hambling, Pain Beam Not Easily Foiled,,  December 29th, 2006, < >.

< … >

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Anatole, STOP BIO-ELECTRONIC/PSYCHOTRONIC TORTURE BRAINMIND/BODY CONTROL/ANNIHILATION ORGANIZED STALKING/TERROR SLAVERY ASSASSINATION WEAPONS!!!, Infotopic, FFCHS Town Hall, Message board for freedomfchs, FFCHS Town Hall Forum Index -> Weapons Technology,,  Apr 07, 2007 – Jun 21, 2009,

Page 1,

NOTA BENE!: pdf,

Page 2,

NOTA BENE!: pdf,

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Свидетель, Psychotronic Weapons / Психотронное оружие!, Psy-Magic.Ru, 04-25-05, < >.

Quote: ( … ) Психотронное оружие / Psychotronic Weapons – разрушение и уничтожение людей / Homo Sapiens!!!
Что бы вы сказали о психотронном оружии ( Psychotronic Weapon )
если б вас превратили в разлагающееся трупное мясо:
– из которого даже выделения зомбированными сигналами освобождаются от мясных пыток судорожной шоковой парализацией прямой кишки;
-из которого кишки рвутся на свободу со рта от попыток что-нибудь чувствовать;
-если б глаза ваши жарились и немели от умертвлённых зрительных мозговых зон от ваших попыток видеть;
-если б вас пытали мозгозомбированной вибрацией ваших голосовых связок;
-если б слуховые ткани сверлились болью и лопались от зомбированных шоковых, пыточных разрядов;
-если б от вашей глотки до прямой кишки все органы живота разрушали вам шоксигнальной болевой вибрацией…;
-если б вас пожирали днём и ночью живьём вгрызаясь зубами в вашу болью пульсирующую мозговую ткань и жевали ваш мозг в вашем черепе;
-если б пожирали вас вашими гормонами, ферментами и всеми внутренними выделениями ваших желез;
-если б вас пытали зомбированным поносом и запорами, уродуя и разлагая ваш кишечник;
-если б вас систематически оставляли в этом электронно-парализованном шок-импульсивном мясе без способости двигаться и чувствовать что это еще ваше мясо;
-если б вы изуродованные от боли пыток возвращались бы в это десятки раз умертвлённое и охлаждённое трупное тело;
-если б вы систематически варились от собственной крови, возвращаясь к жизни после смертной остановки вашего сердца;
-если б вас душили остановкой-парализацией ваших легких;
-если б электронной парализацией ваше тело расчленяли на конвульсивно-пульсирующие части-органы, уродуя вас в многоклеточный кусок мяса…;
-если б ваши половые органы были изуродованные в зомбированное сигнальное мясо впрыскивающее в кровь гормоны для отключения болевых рецепторов;
-если б вас умертвляли коагуляцией ваших белков зажаривая б вас живьем;
-если б вас пытали слепотой и глухотой, разрушая и уродуя ваши зрительные и слуховые ткани…;
-если б, постоянно, нанося смертельные электрошоки, ваше сердце превратили в сигнальное мясо, угрожая вам что в любое мгновение вы станете мёртвым;
-если б раскаливали ваши глаза весельем в вашем состоянии болевой мясорубки;
-если б вас пытали, уродуя ваши кровеносные сосуды в колючую концентрационно-лагерную электризованно-раскаленную проволку;
-если б вас изуродовали в насыщенную вашей кровью мочалку и выжимали вашу кровь разрывая кровеносные капиляры…;
-если б вас душили пыточной парализацией вашей глотки во время приема пищи;
-если б пытками уродуя вас вашим мозгоглазным видением с эффектом присутствия отрубывали б вам ваши руки и ноги, выгрызали с вашего живота ваш кишечник и все внутренние органы…;
-если б вас пытали мозгоболевым выкорчевыванием ваших зубов разрушая до крови ваши десны;
-если б уродуя ваши рецепторы запаха пытали вас смрадно-газовой камерой;
-если б уродовали ваши конечности(руки, ноги, пальцы) в неуправляемые вами мясно-костные атрофозы…;
-если б вас уродовали мозгорабством в психотронных кандалах…;
-если б постоянным выжиганием и гомогенизацией ваш мозг изуродовали в безструктурную мертво-кристалическую импульсивную массу;…;
Психотронным оружием / Psychotronic Weapon зажгли смертоносным огнём небо над человеческим разумом и используют людей как мясных кукол. Клеветой, ложью, травлей организованных карательных группировок, болевым гипнозом, преследованием и психопатными секретами закрывается это уголовное мерзкое преступление против человечества.
Спутниковым биологическим оружием массового поражения, оружием издевательства и рабства, оружием смертоносного рабского тотального контроля / Mind Control и управления / Brain Manipulation людьми или по другому называя это смертоносное оружие торсионным / Torsion Weapon, электромагнитным / Electromagnetic and Neurological Weapons, aкустическим / Acoustic Weapon, психофизическим / Psychophysical,  психотронным / Psychotronic, энергетическим / Energy Weapons, оружием зомбирования и террора, совершается беспредельное зверство: разрушаются люди в безмозглое трупное мясо.
Какое будущее создали Нам и остается нашим детям?! (…)

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Michael Kaplan, MKULTRA: the Perversion of Ethics,,, 13.04.2010, < >.

Quote: ( … ) People shun helpless pain, as they do failure or grief. Brief hurt provokes empathy, but long, relentless suffering calls up something like disgust. When you add to this the ostensible purpose of the research, “controlling the individual to the point where he will do our bidding against his will and even against such fundamental laws of nature as self preservation,” you will see how easy it was for the scientists involved to lose any sense of kinship with the humans whose minds they so clumsily ransacked.

After discovering the horrors of Nazi medical experimentation, the US devised the Nuremberg code,” which specifically forbade testing without informed consent; but, just as the Cold War made America employ Nazi scientists, it also made Nazi morality more acceptable. The Inspector General’s report on MKULTRA mentioned that many people would find it “distasteful and unethical;” that it “raised questions of legality;” that it “placed the rights and interests of US citizens in jeopardy;” and that it could produce “serious adverse reaction in US public opinion.” None of these were reasons not to do it, however – merely explanations for why “normal procedures for project approval, funding, and accounting were waived.”

The pigeon is only a pigeon; there are no secret messages in the wallpaper. But that the CIA can wantonly destroy innocent lives in the pursuit of illusory goals – that’s something you don’t need a tin-foil hat to believe.  ( … )

Read full article:

26.05.2011: NOTA BENE!


Verstraeten Jean, Fw: Vorstand, MCVictimsEU, Mind Control Victims Europe, May 25, 2011, <   >.

Quote: (…) Protest deutscher und europäischer Opfer in den deutschen Städten Ettlingen und in Karlsruhe, am 16.05 und 17.05.2011

Die Demonstration deutscher und europäischer Opfer unter dem Motto „Menschenversuche mit nicht-letalen Wirkmitteln“ wurde vor der Stadthalle in Ettlingen und gegenüber dem Rathaus, am Karlsruher Marktplatz am 16. – 17.05.2011 durchgeführt. (…)

Verein gegen den Missbrauch psychophysischer Waffen e.V. SCAN: Image: in  (…)

Im Voraus haben wir Flugblätter erstellt und Plakate mit folgenden Aufschriften angefertigt: 

1. “Deutsche Waffen, deutsches Geld, morden mit in aller Welt!”

2. „Krieg der Geheimdienste gegen die Bevölkerung!“

3. “Wahrheit und Gerechtigkeit werden mit psychophysischen Waffen ermordet!”

4. Amoklauf = inszenierter Terror mit “Non Lethal” Weapons!!

5. Psychophysische Waffen morden Körper, Geist und Seele!! 

6. Straftat: Körperverletzung, Verfolgung und Mord mit elektronischen Waffen.

7. Wir fordern die Einhaltung der Menschenrechte in Deutschland!

8. “Nicht-tödliche Waffen” töten auf Raten!

9. “Wer schützt uns vor den Staatsschützern?”


Read full article:


Verein gegen den Missbrauch psychophysischer Waffen e.V.,


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26.05.2011, NOTA BENE!




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